Rover P5 and P5b Saloon and Coupe Spares

Many forgotten vehicles come to light having spent many years lying in barns and garages and these yield a great supply of useable parts.

Contact me with your requirements for your Rover P5 and P5b spares or indeed if you are considering a restoration project. I can give you an update of what is currently on offer, as stock is always changing. Please see below the parts I generally have in stock. (All parts mentioned are subject to availability.)


Front bumper sections and rear bumpers, grills, boot shrouds, door handles, side light bezels, head light rims and rostyle wheels.

Please contact me for availability.

Engines / Gearboxes

3 litre and V8 engines. Ancillaries available separately: water pumps, carbs, distributors etc. Starter motors, alternators and dynamos can be reconditioned or available secondhand.

Please contact me for availability.


Interiors recovered by experienced upholsterer. Complete interiors undertaken, door cards recovered as well as other smaller items. Rear headrests also available.

Interiors can be standard or custom made to choice. Please see pictures of a recent P5b Coupe that had green piping added to buckskin seat covers. Some used interior parts also available subject to availability.

Please contact me for availability.

Doors / Boots / Bonnets

Saloon and coupe, doors, boots and bonnets are available.

Please contact me for availability.

Rubber Seals

Available new. All rubber seals for the Rover P5 and P5b: door seals, screen seals, boot seals, pedal rubbers, indicater boots, jacking point bungs, etc. Supplied by Scott's of Australia. Many happy customers have fitted these over the years.

Please ask for a price as the AUD exchange rate varies and I will give you the best deal available at the time.

Please contact me for availability.


Screens and side windows.

Please contact me for availability.

Steering Boxes

Steering boxes refurbished on exchange. They are completely stripped down then seals and all worn parts replaced.

Please contact me for availability.

Window Winders

Refurbished Rover P5 and P5b Coupe front door window winders. These are on an exchange basis. In order to refurbish, we take a rear winder that’s had hardly any use over the years and implant this into the front door mechanism. It works like new.

Please contact me for availability.


Front and rear, P5 3 litre and P5b, also panels that require a repair section.

Please contact me for availability.

Wiper Motors

Wiper motors are refurbished on exchange. They are completely stripped down and all worn parts replaced, then tested on the bench before dispatch.

Please contact me for availability.

Bonnet Blanket

Available new. These are manufactured as to the original pattern.

Please contact me for availability.

Other Parts

All available from nuts and bolts to subframes. The pictures shown here are a small sample of our items in stock. 

Stock is updated regularly so please contact me with your requirements and details of availability.

Please contact me for availability.

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